Communicating With Our App

Paving the way for communicating with Families

For the past 24 months Kids @ Play Families have had access to an App that allows them access to information, updates and news regarding the Service and the curriculum.


‘In an age of smart phones and instant access to information, we created an APP to allow time poor parents to instantly access information and be notified via push notifications of any important information’, Maria La Cava, one of Kids @ Play Approved Providers commented.


The Kids @ Play App is downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, with unique versions for both the Five Dock and Croydon Services. There are also android versions available.


When downloaded, families access the app via a login and password that is updated for access by current families and staff only.


The App provides a wealth of information to families including weekly evaluations of learning experiences, Events, News, Photo galleries and general updates.


In place of newsletter and notes that were previously placed in ‘parent pockets’, all information is readily available via the App. Providing information this way is not only helpful to our parents but for the environment, eliminating the need to print multiple copies of notes, which can easily be misplaced.


Policy updates and Calendar of events are also communicated to families via the App and push notifications can be sent instantly alerting parents of vital updates and information.


We have also placed links so parents have quick access to external services such as Department of Human Services for updates or helpful hints from the Raising Children’s Network.


‘We find the app invaluable to both us as Service providers and to our families who have the flexibility to access the information at a time convenient to them, ‘ said Maria.


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